The CurvyCon

Last week I spent the most amazing five days in New York during fashion week for an event called Curvycon.  To say that I was excited was an understatement.  Not only had I not been to NY in almost six years, this was my first Curvycon and it was also going to be my first time going to Brooklyn to stay with my best friend for a night (clearly I made a playlist of my favorite songs about NY click here to listen to it).  My 24 hours in Brooklyn consisted of going to happy hour at  June Wine Bar, dinner at Buttermilk and dessert at Van Leeuwen’s.  They were all AMAZING!! The next day I checked into my hotel in Manhattan and spent the day shopping, seeing the Heavenly Bodies exhibit at The Met and eating.  Lunch at Bergdorfs and dinner at Carbone (OMG DELISH!! Go NOW!).

For those of you that do not know what Curvycon is, it was a three day event for plus size women to get together and shop (you can try on and take home clothes in plus sizes!!), listen to guest speakers and enjoy work shops about body confidence, women empowerment and the lack of inclusivity in the fashion world.
The event started on Thursday night with a Macy’s kick off party. There was dancing, snacks, delicious cocktails, a pretty good swag bag filled with tons of goodies and the most fashionable plus size women you’ve ever seen.  It was basically my Instagram feed in real life!  Every blogger and psmodel was there showing off their most fabulous outfits- and they were all nice, approachable and looked exactly how they look in their pictures.  This is not a community of photoshopped women but I will say that almost everyone was way taller than I expected.  We’ve all heard of body dysmorphia and for me I guess I have it with height.  Standing straight at 5’4 I’m usually the shortest person in the room, of all of my friends that are mostly 5’7 and up (how the eff did that happen?) and my husband that is over six feet tall! Do you think that stops me from having this crazy delusional idea that I’m pretty tall? No!  (may have something to do with my short Guatemalan family).  I always feel like I’m tall! Seriously! I once met Michael Jordan at a party, stood next to him and thought “he’s not as tall as I thought he would be”.
The second day started off with a dance class taught by the curvy girls that danced for Beyonce at Coachella. It was so much fun to be in a room filled with women that look like me, dancing, letting loose and encouraging each other to be carefree. This was a no judgement zone.   After the dancing there was cute swag from Target and then my favorite part- the pop up shops! There was a lot of shopping to be done! My favorite shops were ASTRA, Maree Pour Toi, Rachel Roy and new comer Tamara Malas who’s soft opening left me eagerly anticipating her official launch later this month.  Each of these brands had great design, fabric and fit perfectly on all bodies ranging from sizes 12-3x!  I’ll be doing my fall looks with everything I purchased from these brands so make sure to follow me on Instagram. After shopping, there was a light lunch at the LOFT offices and they presented us with new fall looks and had a Q &A with the audience about what changes are being made and still need to be made for the plus size fashion community. The day ended with speakers from CFDA members Venus Williams, Lizzo and the founder of Dia & Co and a fashion show by the LOFT that included models, bloggers and the type of racial diversity that is missing from most of the fashion world.
The last day of the Curvycon consisted of workshops with guest speakers, such Nikki Bella and Nia Jax from WWE, models, makeup artists and social media gurus. I was pretty tired by this day and I ended up missing some of the workshops because I was either in line for my final swag bag, eating lunch or doing last minute shopping. The only workshop I actually made it to was the “Flourish in photos” and it wasn’t that great. I was just ok. For starters is was only 30 minutes so there was no way you could really get much information from each panelist other than the basics that well, anyone that has watched America’s Next Top Model already knows.  I was also surprised that the make up artist would tell us to not be afraid to photo shop a little.. umm wrong audience.  Again, this is a group of women that are selling realness so that other women no longer feel like they are not good enough because they can’t live up to the standards of an air brushed image in a magazine or Instagram.  Anyway, the curvycon ended with a super chic closing party with plenty of dancing, cocktails, delicious small bites and glam rooms! It was so much fun!!
Upon returning home, all the chicness of the city wore off of me and I am back in my mini van, eating full sized food (I now understand why people go to the Olive Garden in Time Square) and I ended up with an eye infection and major zits that left me feeling like I turned back into a pumpkin. It was all worth it to have had the opportunity to meet and hang out with all of my favorite bloggers but I also made some pretty cool friends. I can not wait for next year!
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