Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Back in October, my best friends and I were trying to come up with a fun family trip that we could all do together and we decided on a ski trip.  Our first thought was to head up to Colorado.  However, we decided against it when we took into account that the kids probably wouldn’t do well with altitude sickness, the time change, and long travel time.  So, we went with a family resort called Smuggler’s Notch, in Vermont.  The travel time wasn’t great but it wasn’t the worst.  Like our last vacation, we took a light weight umbrella stroller to get the twins through the airport, rented car seats with our car rental (so we did not have to lug around two car seats through the airport), packed a gazillion snacks and had a few movies and shows on their mini ipads to keep them entertained.
The moment we put down the deposit for our four bedroom townhouse, I started looking for plus size ski clothes.  I went to the outlets in Orlando and raided the Columbia store. They didn’t have a lot of plus size stuff but they did have XL base layer gear and a pair of XL ski pants (fit like a 14).  It’s true to size and so ordered a 1X (16) from their online store.  Lands End, Zappos, Burlington and LLBean also had a few plus sized winter gear.  I really hated the prints on the Plus size Columbia jackets so I ended up going to the only Ski shop here in Tampa, Peter Glenn, and fortunately I was able to find a regular black ski jack in a size 16 that fit comfortably with two layers underneath!!  I also bought a really cute pair of pink goggles- I really wanted a pair of gold Fendi’s that I saw on Net-a-porter but there was no way I was going to drop that kind of money on a pair of glasses that I was only going to wear for a few days.  So pink it was.  I also purchased a pair of black Sorels that were really cute and comfortable!  While we weren’t on the slopes, I wore my Canada goose jacket.  If you go on their website, you’ll find that they have some of their coats in XXL(size 20).  I highly recommed this investment coat.  It’s pretty, classic, keeps you warm, fits great and will last you forever!

The ski trip was a lot of fun.  It definitely wasn’t like our group trips before we had kids but that’s why we chose this place- to have a really fun FAMILY trip.  They had firworks, hot chocolate, and snow tubing for the kids on Thursday and Saturday night.  For me the best part was the amazing daycare they have that offered ski lessons for the boys and babysitters for our parents night out.  The teachers were so nice and caring, they updated me on all the kids activities on an app, and even sent me videos.  I feel like this and the fact that we took a shuttle everywhere and didn’t need to get our kids into car seats and drive anywhere was worth being in the middle of nowhere.   Did I mention how friendly everyone was?  Well, they were.  Since this was my husbands first time ever seeing snow, I got him and myself ski lessons.  Brian did really well, especially for his first time on skis. Me…. well I almost killed myself on the magic carpet of all things.  I don’t know what my deal was that day, I mean, I’m usually pretty well coordinated and can hold my own in sports (unless it’s tennis lol) and this wasn’t my first ski trip and here I was, looking like Gumby with one limb that somehow ended up under the railing and and the other leg, with a big ski on it, still riding on the carpet.  THEN, after I was reminded(like they tell the children) to “touch my knees” so I wouldn’t fall backward on the magic carpet, I face planted when I got off the damn thing.  Mind you, there’s people getting off behind me so I was literally magic carpet road kill.  Again, I’m not sure what my deal was but I just laid there, face down, like Randy in A Christmas Story, until my instructor picked me up and told me “next time, you can just push yourself up like this ( *does push up move in the snow). 🙄 .  I eventually made it down the bunny slope and almost ran over a few kids and decided to called it a day.  Later that night, on our parents night out, I set it up for us to go snowmobiling.  It was soooo much fun!! Going really fast through the woods, up a mountain, while the snow is falling at night, was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had.  Even though we almost flipped off the thing when my husband was doing a turn, I would do it again!(seriously! the guide told me later that she saw me go up in the air at one point!)

The next day we just played in the snow doing snow angels and building miniature snowmen(we’re all from Florida- none of us actually know how to build a big snowman) and took the kids to the family play zone- which was GREAT.  We finished the trip by heading over to the Ben & Jerry’s factory.  It was cool.  You do a little tour and then you get a sample of a flavor that they only have there (lemon shortcake).  If you’re looking to do a family ski trip on the east coast, I would recommend Smuggs.  It’s not anything fancy but its perfect for a low key family ski trip.


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