The February Shopping Guides

I admit it, I have always been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day.  I can honestly say that I’ve never had a terrible Valentine’s Day.  Not because it has always been a romantically great day for me (trust me when I say I’ve hated many ex’s on that day), but because I’ve always been able to find someone special to spend it with- my friends, my parents, my grandmother- someone that I love, appreciate and feels the same way about me.  In high school, I would trade fun decorated notes with my friends, leave little gifts for my lockermate or plan a school lunch picnic with my girlfriends where we would bring spaghetti, bread sticks, salad and desserts.  We did “galentines” before it was a thing because it is a day that is all about attitude.  You can either be happy with the people that you love and are currently in your life- yourself and pets included, or you can be bitter and throw chocolates at the TV, a la Elle Woods, when a cheesy movie comes on. It’s totally up to you.  Here’s a playlist I made of my favorite anti-love songs, if you just so happen to be anti-Valentine’s Day (click here for “Boy Bye”).  However, if you plan on doing something fun, sexy (click here for the “Grown and Sexy” playlist) or just taking your single grandma/grandpa out to Olive Garden (DO NOT play either of those playlists for them!), here’s a gift guide and a couple of dresses and outfits that I love!  Enjoy and hope you have a great Valentine’s Day 💋

Her Gift Guide (click side arrows to see more)

His Gift Guide (click side arrows to see more)

Outfit Guide (click side arrows to see more)<!–


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