American Pie

Thanksgiving has come and gone just like that!  The turkey was great, the wine was better and my pies… well those were a fiasco of their own.  Last year I made the most beautiful and delicious apple and pumpkin pies EVER!  A lady at my nail place told me about the Barefoot Contessa’s recipe for her pie crust and it did not disappoint (click here for recipe).  In fact, I found it fairly easy to make and even made all these little cut out designs and lattice design for my apple pie.  This was not the case this year. In fact, it took me a good twenty attempts to achieve  the ugliest of pie crust the world has ever seen.  It looked like the pie in American Pie after you know what.  My pumpkin pie was crooked (indicative of how many glasses of wine I had) and my mom burned the peach cobbler but they all tasted ehh pretty, pretty good.  The rest of Thanksgiving was as it should be- beautiful, loving and filling.  For my table setting, I used my china, cute placemats I bought at HomeGoods and made my floral arrangements and place settings using flowers I bought from The Potting Shed, a local flower shop near me. I really wanted to wear a nice dress or my fringy jeans but opted for a casual J. Crew top, stretchy jeans and dressed it up with fan earrings and espadrilles.  After dinner,  I changed into my FreePeople Romper (see previous post) and called it a day.  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.




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