Cocktails and Playdates

I’m a big believer in “happy wife/mommy, happy life”.  To me that means having some sort of balance in my life between being the best mom I can be, spending quality time with my husband, spending time with my family and having somewhat of a social life.  I know there are plenty of moms out there that don’t need girl time or need to pamper themselves to feel good- I am not one of those moms.  I need to hang out with my girlfriends often to get a sense of having somewhat of a life outside of being a mom. Without “me time”, I think its very easy to fall into a place of losing oneself, especially when you’re a new mom.  Fortunately, I have the best mommy tribe ever with epic playdates.  They are nonjudgmental, encouraging, low maintenance, nurturing,  fun loving, rosé drinking ladies.  That’s what I’ve found in my mom group. We have playdates at each others houses, parks and if everyones schedules are just right, Disney. The kids get crazy together and we, the moms, get to chit chat, drink some wine and do something other than try to convince our children not to throw food at us.  Even our husbands sometimes make an appearance towards the end of the playdates.
This and the following month will be a busy one. It just so happens that most of the girls in the group all have November and December birthdays.  Add to that, holiday parties, Junior League events(yes I’m in the Junior League), family holiday activities and trying to workout a couple days of the week. So far I’ve been to a Junior League Holiday Gift Market Party (this is a market the JL puts together to raise money for the community), a fun house party with my provisionals (I’m a mentor in the JL), movie night with the girls to watch Bad Moms Christmas and a birthday dinner. On most occasions you’ll find me in a pair of flats or Tkees, unless I know for sure that I won’t be standing or walking around much. The days of me doing everything in high heels or high platforms are long gone- unless I’m feeling short and ugly 😉. CLICK HERE TO SHOP MY LOOKS


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